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Technical Recruiting for niche positions in highly competitive industries often presents a number of challenges. Top candidates typically have many available options available to them and are often not readily accessibly  through traditional recruiting methods.

ForgeRock engaged us to bolster their pool of potential recruits for their Bristol, England offices.  Noting the detailed nature of the ForgeRock Identity and Access Management niche, a traditional wide-reaching campaign was bypassed in favor of blending social media and psychology together to attract top candidates.  High-traffic forums and user groups were sought for each specialty desired to recruit, and puzzles were strategically placed within each.  

A completed puzzle provided a phone number that rang the appropriate computer. Very few could actually solve the relevant puzzle as they were specially designed with a high level of difficulty that vetted potential candidates.  The campaign was a success.

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Foley Hoag LLP

foleyhoagFoley Hoag, LLP

Various data mining and analysis projects have been undertaken for Foley Hoag, an international law firm with a focus on business and technology. Given the impact of social and digital media on legal and marketing research,  these projects provided the firm with a comprehensive ability to capture, process and strategically utilize the new channels of information.

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National Geographic

national geographic traveler ( Geographic

We have successfully undertaken multiple campaigns with National Geographic’s diverse publishing and editorial divisions, each requiring the development of targeted audience engagement strategies and content.

The three primary objectives of the campaigns were:

  1. Brand awareness of individual business units
  2. Sales campaigns for individual publishing and editorial titles
  3. Audience engagement for growth of retention.


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AirbnbAt a time when Airbnb was at a cross-roads with branding and messaging, the growing hospitality company sought a new way to bring their community and localized message to their social media channels, focused on the United States market as a whole.

We worked with the Airbnb team to research a social message, develop a campaign and execute it via Twitter and Instagram.  This campaign not only highlighted the benefits of seeking out short term, local-focused lodging rental solutions, but empowering people to focus on their local communities.  Social audiences were not only encouraged to highlight their home communities, but also share how they reached out to their communities, through creative ideas like planting gardens at intersections; bringing lunch to local fire houses and hosting pool parties.

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SkyTeam Alliance


SkyTeam Alliance

SkyTeam, a global alliance of 20 airlines, has unique branding and marketing challenges. As an airline alliance, SkyTeam cannot market or sell for it’s member airlines, but the alliance brand must be strong.

Our SkyTeam engagement involved an unconventional global campaign concept that focused primarily on Instagram, secondarily on Facebook, and was executed by a single person. The SkyTeam Round-The-World (#SkyTeamRTW) project told the ‘story’ of a #SkyTeamRTW-branded bag as it traveled the world, exploring 15 cities in 12 countries across six continents over two weeks.   The conversation then continued following the bag’s return home.

This campaign highlighted the global reach of the airline alliance as well as the ease of connection between member airlines, lounges and frequent flyer programs. Social media channels were used to actively engage the audience, seeking out experiences in destination cities and tips on traveling.

This campaign exceeded the target reach metrics by more than 400%.

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Turning Stone Resort & Casino

Turning Stone Resort & Casino

TurningStoneTurning Stone Resort & Casino’s two casinos, four diamond-rated hotels, five PGA golf courses, 20+ restaurants and night clubs required a Digital Media Department to be built, from scratch, within a three month timeline.  We worked closely with the executive management team to assess, align and develop internal assets to meet this goal, including the reassignment of personnel to meet the Digital Media requirements of the  6,000 person organization.

Highlights of the engagement include:

  • Established a complete Digital Media Department
  • Developed  internal policy & procedures for social media usage
  • Transitioned from TicketMaster® for event ticket sales to an internal, mobile-device based events ticketing system.

The replacement of TicketMaster® represented a costs savings that exceeds six-figures annually, while also reducing staffing requirements for box office sales.

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLMKLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Work with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the oldest airline in the world, began with a developed strategy that proposed substantial changes their primary social media channel, and building another channel from scratch. Our KLM engagement included the development of content and management of the KLM Blog on behalf of the airline;  along with managing the KLM account.

Our goal with the KLM Blog was to personalize the airline brand with relatable content, to develop a humanized relationship between the audience and the brand that allowed travelers to view KLM not just as an airline, or a corporation, but a ‘friend.’

KLM’s social media, specifically Twitter, is today considered among the best, most responsive, and effective airline customer service.  And to think this all began as an experiment in social service?

KLM was presented with a simple, but focused, concept: monitor not just those directly conversing with @KLM, but seek out those referencing KLM, KLM’s hub airport and those discussing or directly referencing targeted competitor airlines.  Trough this proactive seek-&-engage strategy – initially being run by one person 18 hours a day – KLM was able to not only respond to those seeking assistance, but win over long term loyalty, reduce conflict, and recruit travelers from other airlines.

KLM has credited €25,000,000 in revenue and cost savings over the five years since we developed that social customer service strategy on their behalf.

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