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Most organizations want to use social media to own the conversation about their brand, product, event or the like . Countless hours are expending while figuring out how to start the conversation, or even what it might be.  We, the geeks of DigitalFish, simply ask: why work so hard on starting a conversation that often already exists?

Every social media platform is different. Twitter is not Facebook, Instagram is not LinkedIn and Snapchat is, well, Snapchat.  What should link them together is a common strategy to grow the awareness, audience and presence of a brand but defined based on the positive and negative attributes of each social media channel.

Strategy, and the engagement that it provides, is something we enjoy very much at DigitalFish.   We specialize in working with our clients as a team to develop innovative digital media strategies that are proactive, engaging, influential, conversational and, for some, even profitable.

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