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Our Approach to Digital and Social Media

We have worked in this space since 1994 – yes, back in the days of America Online modem dialup – and have witnessed an amazing revolution from simple web site to multi-channel social media streams.  Today, however, an incredible amount of noise is being generated around Social and Digital Media by ‘gurus’, agencies, experts or whatever buzzword they choose to label themselves.

Quite simply, we feel there is no one single answer or solution to be successful.  There are simply too many variable to be considered, be it channel, industry, audience, resources, goal or metric. Anyone who suggests there is one answer  or channel that everyone must use is looking more at their revenue stream than your needs or big picture. The strategies of a global brand are not the same as a small local business. The strategies for a retailer are not those of a consultant.

“We’ll just start a chat and see how that goes”
“Just toss it up on Facebook with a link”
“Make up a hashtag and go with it”
“No one responded? But it was on Twitter!”
“There were no sales from Instagram?”
“How is that possible, it has been up a day.”
“We didn’t budget for that. Twitter/Facebook/Instagram are free.”
“We have a blog, that way we own the channel”

–  quotes from oblivious brand managers

The Realities of Using Digital and Social Media

We prefer to be open and honest with you.  Unless you are actually going to work on understanding AND effectively using social media, then you are just wasting your time and money.

Social and digital media have been around long enough, and adopted by enough people, that they have developed a notion that social media is easy, requires no real strategy, and that you can just make a hashtag and people will search for it.  That, quite simply, is absurd.

Social media requires a strategy and an understanding of the medium, as with any other form of marketing communication.  While the social and digital media channels themselves may be free to use, organizations and brands must invest in tools and content, even services, in order to be successful.

Are you an international airline with only one person handling your social media while executive management complains about slow responses to customer engagements?  … or …
Are you a medium sized clothing manufacturer that can’t seem to drive social ROI because your social marketing doesn’t actually promote your brand, gimmick driven and drains resources that could be better aligned with your target audience goals ?  … or …
Are you a small business, focused on one region, that puts 20 minutes in a day on your social media, not using commonly used hashtags by your audience, and intermixing personal content with brand relevant content?
Perhaps You Should Reconsider Your Approach! 

Let’s Be Real With Each Other

There is a prevailing mindset that Social Media and Digital Media are some sort of voodoo and black magic, driven by those who don’t understand it.  There is no black magic to digital and social media, nor is it an exact science. It is an art driven by research, it is statistics driven by nuance.

When it comes to social and digital media, expectations need to be realistic. The more realistic you are, the more focused you can be. The more focused you are, the better equipped you are to determine and understand your audience as well as what is needed to achieve your goals.

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